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Placing Orders

Placing Orders

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  • Enter Pick-up and Deliver To Locations in the appropriate fields. Ensure that all relevant information, including the postal code, unit # (if applicable), and contact info (including telephone number) are entered. If this is the first time entering your client’s information, be sure to save it to your Address Book by checking the box with the open book icon under the Contact Phone field. The information will automatically save when the order is completed
  • If your client information is already in your Address Book, you can simply locate it through the alphabet tabs at the top of the screen. Once you have clicked on the appropriate letter, all of your saved contacts beginning with that letter will appear in the drop down field directly below the alphabet tabs. Please note that you will have to drop this field down in order to select the appropriate client. Once your client’s information appears in the drop down field, you can populate the Pick-up OR Deliver To location by pressing the appropriate down arrow (white arrow in blue box)
  • Enter all of the Order Information as per your requirements, including Pick up date and time, Reference number (if applicable), Service Level, Vehicle Type, Total Weight of freight in LBS and the number/type of packages. Note that if you are requesting a Service Level that has expired for the day, the system will automatically move your service level to the next available option
  • Enter all relevant additional information for the order in the Instructions section. For example, special instructions for pick up or delivery, contact information, dimensions of freight, dangerous goods, etc. are very helpful to ensure that your order is completed successfully
  • To place your order, click on Quick Order. If you wish to obtain the pricing information, click on Continue and then Complete to send the order to our Dispatch, at which time you will be taken to the Waybill screen. Please note that the pricing is subject to change based on any changes to the original order (i.e. changes in weight, number of pieces, waiting time, etc). Pricing for Truck and Direct Out of Town orders require confirmation from our office staff
  • If you need to make changes to an order placed online, please call our office

Due to the severe weather system throughout the GTA,

expect delays on all service levels

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